About Us

Mohammed Al Manjem Group is a 100% Saudi limited liability company established in early 1429H and built on long experience in investments, real estate development, contracting and in the field of providing modern external solutions, temporary buildings, mobile halls and event facilities. Tents and stores. In addition to providing integrated solutions for the structural tensile of the facilities, the outer covers and event furniture and equipment, and the design, implementation and management of festivals and events and others.


"Protecting and sustaining the growth of our brand value, ensuring the highest quality and full service to our valued customers by focusing on providing exceptional quality, durable and timely services and meeting the needs of customers at all events and conferences and according to the required design."


We specialize in warehouses, factories, workshops, workers' housing, many commercial and residential properties in the Saudi market, and professionalism in providing the best products to our customers. These projects speak for themselves at the levels of quality and excellence.


The Department of Metal Buildings is one of the most important specialties of Mohammed Al Menjem Group, especially the prefabricated buildings sector, where we work to secure the local and regional market needs of prefabricated metal buildings such as warehouses, factories, workshops and the best specifications in terms of structural structure and exterior cladding according to market sizes. To meet all required designs.


The Group followed the development in the Kingdom to see 2030 celebrations and festivals. The Group developed itself according to the needs of the market and we were able to overcome the difficult challenges in a very short period of time and became prominent and became one of the strongest competitors in the market and covering all parts of Saudi Arabia.

Royal tents for celebrations

Tents Trade shows

Tents warehouse

European mobile tents

Military tents

Pilgrimage tents

We support our investment orientations with intellectual and community orientations that value the active participation of our partners in the various media, intellectual, artistic and charitable sectors.


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